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At Azura, we are masters of the fields we have selected to dominate. Our goal is to provide the best value and subject matter expertise to our clients and their projects. We are a niche engineering firm formed around experienced staff.

We know the value of a consultant’s service does not come from size of the company, but rather the depth and significance of the insights developed by those individuals tasked with any given engagement.

By focusing our effort on the heart of your process systems, we can provide unparalleled results for optimizing your process, maximizing yields, achieving stable operations, and reaching your business goals. We begin with an assessment of not only your existing or proposed process system but also any available data. We assess the data, considering both its quality and consistency, and then develop a plan to get your business moving in the right direction.

Azura Associates provides bioprocess engineering expertise for both aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems. Our anaerobic digestion (AD) practice focuses on food industry wastewater, waste-to-energy, and biogas applications. We have served municipal source separated organics (SSO), agri-food, on-farm, and market digesters processing food and other organic waste to produce biogas and renewable electricity.

Our high-strength industrial wastewater treatment expertise includes both anaerobic treatment and aerobic activated sludge biological treatment processes. Our industrial wastewater practice extends beyond biological treatment of organic contaminants. We have an extensive background in the treatment of complex and recalcitrant organic and inorganic waste requiring advanced processes such as chemical oxidation, precipitation, and other physicochemical treatments.

Our consulting services are built around our rigorous, evidence-based, approach. Our decades of wastewater and anaerobic digestion expertise and experience are applied to every project, regardless of scale.

If needed, we use onsite measurements and laboratory evidence to help formulate options for your review. Testing assumptions and validating the plan before committing to full-scale implementation is a key component of our engagements.

The strength of our implementation plan rests on a rock-solid foundation of hard evidence. With a detailed implementation plan in place, we move to deploying the solutions, training your staff, and optimizing your processes.

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