Due Diligence


We support financial services, the insurance sector, and operating facilities by providing technical expertise in support of their projects, risk mitigation, and claim resolution efforts. Our Subject Matter Experts provide due diligence and related technical services, acting as the Owner’s Engineer, Lender’s Engineer, or Independent Engineer.

We provide these Subject Matter Expert services for anaerobic digestion, biogas, waste-to-energy, renewable natural gas (RNG), and industrial wastewater projects.

During the project feasibility stages we provide independent technical reviews, technical opinions, cost opinions, and energy yield verifications. In these early project stages, we assist with new technology assessments, technology selection, vendor qualification, and risk evaluations.

While the project is being designed and engineered, we serve project teams by providing periodic, arms-length, peer reviews as part of the project’s Stage-Gate process or ongoing input as part of the technical design quality review team.

Construction-phase work includes Azura experts assisting with construction oversight and providing periodic site visits. During these site inspection visits we ensure that the design specifications are being met, equipment installations are correct, and the funding requests are in accordance with the progress achieved, the project budget, and schedule.

Reviewing project Acceptance Testing Plans, witnessing these tests, and collecting verification samples are all part of the normal due diligence services we provide during facility commissioning and process start-up. The start-up of biological processes may take anywhere from weeks to months, requiring a detailed understanding of the system to ensure an appropriate testing and validation plan is used.

For operating biogas, RNG, and anaerobic digestion projects we help our clients understand the financial implications of not only the technical design, but also the rapidly changing feedstock and digestate markets. In the biogas and waste-to-value sectors key business factors include:

  • Revenue from the tip fees paid to accept food and organic waste, although at times there may be a cost associated with high quality feedstock material
  • Revenue from the biogas, RNG, or energy produced by electricity and heat cogeneration systems
  • Cost for digestate disposal, or possibly revenue from selling nutrient-rich fertilizer

Feedstock-related issues can impact 1, 2, or all 3 revenue streams. Businesses may make decisions that negatively affects one revenue stream for an overall net financial benefit.

Business decisions are a dynamic balancing act of all three revenue streams and associated capital and operating costs to deal with each type of feedstock. Azura provides a fulsome consideration of all factors to help you make an informed business decision to take or reject a specific feedstock.


“Our fleet of plants produce very challenging wastewater for our biological activated sludge system to treat. Starting almost 20 years ago, Dave has supported our wastewater treatment operations, whenever we have needed him, across several sites. Process design and optimization, troubleshooting, technology evaluations, detailed testing and operator training—I’ve come to rely on Dave’s advice and guidance in many fronts. Trusted for his real-world experience, the practical advice really sets him apart.

– Abraham M., Environmental Systems Manager, Rendering Facility

“Every year I rely on Azura to help me with our biological wastewater treatment system. We produce industrial wastewater with unique constituents and so our treatment system is also very special. Dave’s been advising us on advanced activated sludge treatment for more than 20 years. It’s great to have a real subject matter expert to call on. Whether it’s for advice on how to handle seasonal temperature issues, nitrification challenges, or figuring out how new technology can help us, I really appreciate Azura’s detailed approach to their work.”

– Ryan W., Environmental Manager, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

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