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At Azura, our staff have been managing environmental, industrial wastewater, anaerobic digestion, and process-focused projects, both large and small, for more than three decades.

Our project management team is headed by Principal Engineer, David Ellis, who has managed more than 300 projects on 4 continents. We have served clients on a wide range of projects from conceptual and business feasibility studies through design and construction, all the way to providing process optimization and emergency process troubleshooting during upsets.

Our team has developed multi-year capital program plans valued at more than $25M, managed individual industrial wastewater capital construction projects up to $6M, and designed process-smart optimization upgrade options implemented for less than $10k.

Throughout the project management process, we never lose sight of the primacy of Process in our work. At every stage we keep our focus on the need for consistent and reliable operation of your process systems, even during unusual events. Combining Azura’s evidence-based approach to our work with our deep process knowledge and expertise produces excellent results for our clients.

Whether you are in the beginning business feasibility, conceptual, or Front-End Loading (FEL) stage through final design, construction, or start-up, our project management services can reduce your risk. We are skilled in evaluating issues and developing solutions that integrate not only operational and economic needs but also regulatory and technical realities.

As a niche firm we can assist you in managing a large engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractor or consultant. Having Azura as your technical advocate at the table can help avoid costly risks. We can make sure your EPC has performed the correct pre-design analysis, is using the correct design basis, and we can advise them on areas that may be outside their core expertise.

With a mind towards process engineering and focused, smart upgrades, we seek to deliver the best value for our clients.

Our technical fields of expertise include:

Anaerobic Digestion Process Engineering

  • Biogas and digester optimization
  • Process diagnosis & analysis
  • Digester sampling and testing
  • Digester inhibition and toxicity resolution
  • Optimization of the feeding profile
  • Nutrient profiling and additive selection
  • Micronutrient or trace metal balancing
  • Hydrogen sulfide control in biogas
  • Mechanical layout, optimization, & design
  • Equipment maintenance solutions
  • Facility planning and design reviews
  • Capital and O&M cost estimating
  • Permit application assistance
  • Construction and installation inspections
  • Commissioning and mechanical startup
  • Biological startup planning
  • Custom operator training
  • Expert witness and litigation support

Resource Conservation and Water Recycling

  • Resource recovery and reuse
  • Recovery optimization
  • Water recycling

Design and Construction

  • Value engineering
  • Conceptual and preliminary design
  • Vendor qualification and selection
  • Equipment specification and selection
  • Construction management services

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Process

  • Process diagnosis & analysis
  • Wastewater sampling and testing
  • Treatment process development and design
  • Toxicity identification and reduction evaluation
  • Nutrient profiling and additive control
  • Facility planning
  • Capital and O&M cost estimating
  • Permit application assistance
  • Construction and installation inspections
  • Commissioning and mechanical start-up
  • Biological start-up planning
  • Custom operator training
  • Expert witness and litigation support

Operations and Maintenance

  • Wastewater facility operational troubleshooting
  • Process operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals
  • Custom operator training
  • Supervision, commissioning, & start-up assistance

Environmental Process Engineering

  • Wastewater characterization
  • Process feasibility studies
  • Bench-scale process development
  • Treatment facility process design
  • Process audits
  • Optimization of existing treatment facilities
  • Process capacity assessments
  • Performance verification testing
  • Contract research


“A dead digester, not producing any gas, that’s what got us to start working with Azura. Starting with detailed laboratory testing, Dave’s processes pinpointed the problem and got our digester back to 80% production in only two months. Azura’s ongoing monitoring had us hit full production a few weeks after that. Once we were stable they developed a feedstock recipe to maintain stable production. We have high methane content, and no foam. Since then, even with engine issues, we’ve averaged more than 90% production. Their emphasis on better testing for better decisions really pays off.

– Michael H., Owner, Food Waste Anaerobic Digester

“Every year I rely on Azura to help me with our biological wastewater treatment system. We produce industrial wastewater with unique constituents and so our treatment system is also very special. Dave’s been advising us on advanced activated sludge treatment for more than 20 years. It’s great to have a real subject matter expert to call on. Whether it’s for advice on how to handle seasonal temperature issues, nitrification challenges, or figuring out how new technology can help us, I really appreciate Azura’s detailed approach to their work.”

– Ryan W., Environmental Manager, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

“When we engaged Azura we were having to curtail production due to wastewater issues and were looking at significant capital costs to improve discharge compliance. Dave and his team were able to come in quickly and really understand our processes and issues. Using their data-based approach Azura suggested alternate wastewater compliance approaches that we had not thought of. Ultimately, Azura developed a process-savvy solution that we were able to implement at almost no capital cost. I really enjoy knowing that I can pick up the phone at anytime and call Dave to discuss an issue, and he will always be there to help. Dave takes pride in his professional approach to solving issues at the plant. We have continued to use his services beyond the scope of the first project.”

– Greg Z., Process Engineer, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

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