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David Ellis founded Azura Associates with the mission of providing practical, customer focused specialist engineering solutions for the anaerobic digestion, wastewater, and cleantech sectors. As CEO and Principal Engineer, David has more than 30 years of getting his “Boots Dirty” experience with a proprietary, rigorous, evidence-based approach, tackling industry’s challenging wastewater and anaerobic digestion issues.

He is a Canadian Professional Engineer registered in Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut and has held past registrations to meet project-specific needs in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

As a published author and subject matter expert involved in over 300 projects on 4 continents, David is widely recognized as one of North America’s premier digester and wastewater practitioners. He frequently shares technical information, industrial research, and case studies at industry events and served the Canadian Biogas Association as a contributor, technical reviewer, and primary editor of the association’s 2019 publication Canadian Anaerobic Digestion Guideline: Food and Organic Waste Processing Facilities.

A systems designer & chemical engineer, David is passionate about how the “Food-Water-Energy Nexus” enhances businesses and improves the lives of communities. David is focused on the need to deliver practical, well-defined, and measurable real-world solutions within budget and on time. He proudly advises, trains, and leads client projects from farms and agri-business operations to the largest commercial and industrial clients.

David believes in mentoring the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs. He works with cleantech start-ups through his involvement with Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre, Canada’s top-ranked private business accelerator. David continues to mentor young engineers through both formal and informal programs including those organized by the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

Outside of work, David is a proud husband and father to three strapping sons. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and is on a never-ending search for the perfect cup of coffee.

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