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Azura’s experts solve the technical challenges and complexities of processing food and beverage industry wastewater. Azura is focused on the need to deliver practical, well-defined, and measurable real-world solutions within budget and on time.

We have experience from family-run abattoirs to major food processing plants owned by Fortune 500 multinational food companies. Whether your facility is serviced by a municipal utility or you discharge directly to the environment, we can help.

We understand that a true comprehensive solution to a technical problem must also include clear guidance on complying with the labyrinth of municipal and regional regulatory authorities. Our experts have advised numerous clients and their legal teams on matters of regulatory compliance and enforcement.

By focusing our effort on the heart of your process systems, we can provide unparalleled results when it comes to optimizing your process, maximizing yields, and achieving stable operations. We understand food and beverage manufacturers have particular needs and sensitivities around the daily, weekly, and monthly sanitation cycles. Your systems need to operate at peak efficiency over a widely varying incoming load and accommodate changing product formulations and seasonal sales cycles.

To deliver on our promise “Operational Excellence” we always start with a highly responsive customer focused experience.


Azura was instrumental in helping resolve a nagging sewer bylaw compliance issue. We’re a food processor and having Dave in our corner when it came to understanding BOD, TSS, and FOG, combined with their data-driven approach to pH control, really helped us in our dealings with the municipality. Azura understands that a true comprehensive solution to a technical problem also includes clear guidance on complying with regulatory authorities.”

– Dez P., Director of Process Innovation, Prepared Foods Manufacturer

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