Event Recap – CANECT ‘24

On Tuesday April 23, 2024 Azura presented a new course as part of CANECT ’24! Azura’s David Ellis was invited to chair the “Anaerobic Digestion: Compliance and Optimization Course,” a one-day intensive training on anaerobic digestion (AD) fundamentals. This course was hosted by CANECT and was held at The Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre in Vaughan, Ontario. 

This all-new CANECT course featured panel discussions, guest speakers, and engaging activities. The Azura team shared case studies, and lessons learned from our decades of experience with: anaerobic digestion project development and permitting, regulatory compliance, optimization and training, safety and risk management, and much more. The day was a success and we received excellent feedback from course attendees:

“Azura crew was very informative!”

“Everyone was approachable and friendly.”

“Learned lots.”

2024 CANECT Anaerobic Digestion Course Attendees

We were grateful to have Kevin Poirier from SCV Consulting Ltd. join us as a guest speaker. As a respected advisor on carbon pricing, climate risk, and sustainability, Kevin discussed North American clean fuel policies and regulations, GHG emissions quantification, and the role of biogas and RNG in carbon markets.

Watch the video below to see highlights from the event!

Topics covered included:

  • Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Biogas, and RNG
    • Brief History of AD
    • Types of Anaerobic Digesters: Municipal, Inudstrial, On-Farm, and Food Waste Digesters
    • Nomanclature and jargon
    • What’s the purpose behind waste-to-energy?
    • Overview of Azura’s North American Digester Database
  • Provincial/Federal clean fuel policies
    • Green fuels explained: Biogas, RNG, Landfill Gas (LFG), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Hydrogen
    • Voluntary vs. Compliance Carbon Markets
  • Overview of AD Project Development and Permitting Processes
    • Overview of AD project development and permitting processes
      • Social License and Indigenous Engagement
      • Planning and siting considerations
      • Project management checklist
      • Feasibility assessment tools
    • ECAs required for AD sites
    • Permitting in Ontario vs. rest of Canada
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Role of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP, formerly MOE) and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) in AD
      • Nutrient Management Act (NMA – OMAFRA)
      • O.Reg 347 Waste Management (MECP)
    • Feedstock and digestate compliance
    • Maintaining compliance with Air and Water ECAs
  • Digester Operations, Optimization, and Training
    • Operator training
    • Odour and emissions management
    • Digestate and residuals management
  • Case Studies (Including Industrial, Municipal, and On-Farm Digesters)
  • Safety Fundamentals & Lessons Learned
    • Gas Code
    • Key safety equipment
    • Operational Best Practices:
      • Onsite equipment
      • Dangers of H2S, foaming, and storage lagoons
  • Risk Management and Contaminants of Concern
    • Infrastructure risk
    • Process risk
    • Climate risk
    • Feedstock risk
    • Regulatory risk
    • Contaminants of concern in digestate

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Produced by Environmental Science & Engineering Publications Inc., CANECT is an annual training event. Since 1992 they have been delivering innovative, targeted courses renowned for their proven practicality and relevance. Visit the CANECT website to learn more!

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