Uncover why your digester has challenges

At Azura Associates, we make your digesters operate as they should. We have over 30 years of hands-on experience in anaerobic digestion and industrial wastewater treatment, gained at client sites across North America, South America, and Europe. Azura is a highly experienced technical execution, regulatory compliance, and operational risk advisory firm.

Azura’s expert team of bioprocess engineers help our clients achieve stable biogas production, generate consistent revenues, and navigate dynamic regulatory environments. Our services include:

  • Industrial, food waste, and on-farm Biogas/RNG feasibility studies
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing underperforming digesters
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Operator coaching and training
  • Risk management and technical due diligence
  • Commercial dispute and litigation support

Optimize Your Anaerobic Digester

Using our proprietary, evidence-based methodology, we help biogas system owners get their processes right from day one, saving money and time. Learn more about the challenges of anaerobic digester biology and proactive measures which can ensure stable biogas production.

Commonly Overlooked Reasons for Anaerobic Digester Failures

Process upsets and failures of anaerobic digesters present significant headaches for owners and operators. This article presents Azura’s top five commonly overlooked causes of digester failure. If you want to recognize and avoid these pitfalls click here to read more.

Top 10 Things To Make Your Digester Biology Happy

Anaerobic digestion is a complex biological process that requires a great deal of nuance and subtlety to optimize its operation. This article looks at the 10 most critical aspects of AD and actions you can take for the best outcome. Read more.

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