Event Recap – Anaerobic Treatment of High-Strength Industrial Wastes 2022

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Azura’s Dave Ellis presented a case study as part of the 21st annual Marquette University short course on anaerobic treatment of high-strength industrial waste. The course is hosted by Dr. Daniel Zitomer and serves those who deal with high-strength industrial wastes and wastewater or who are involved in operating and designing anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment processes.

The short course was designed to walk people through the anaerobic treatment processes, from fundamental principles to case histories. The case history presentations demonstrate anaerobic technologies in real-world industrial settings and allow for questions regarding specific problems encountered and solutions developed.

This is the third year that Azura Associates’ principal engineer, Dave Ellis, has been part of this course.  Dave shared Azura’s experience with case studies based on troubleshooting the failure of full-scale food waste anaerobic digesters. We’d like to thank Dr. Zitomer for inviting Dave to share his knowledge and experience, and we’d also like to thank everyone who attended this year’s course.

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