Getting to Net Zero Energy Wastewater Treatment

The third Getting to Net Zero Energy event was hosted by the Ontario Water Consortium in February of 2020. This event continued the momentum toward getting five municipal wastewater treatment facilities converted to net zero energy by focusing on anaerobic codigestion to produce biogas. The biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of comingled food waste, organic waste, and sewage biosolids can be used to produced renewable electricity, or purified to produce renewable natural gas (RNG).

Azura Featured in Well-Established Online Course

Azura’s David Ellis presented a case study of helping a farm-based digester as a part of Dr. Daniel Zitomer’s anaerobic digestion online short course. The case study focused on the importance of testing and knowing what additional data to look for in digestor remediation. The study also shares some empirical guideline values for LCFA concentrations in digester as determined by years of LCFA testing done by Azura.

WEAO Conference – Advanced Digester Monitoring

Azura had 2 presentations accepted by WEAO and was schedule to be presented at the 2020 WEAO conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person conference and presentations were cancelled, but the papers were able to be published online. One of the presentations explored the possibility of establishing an advanced digester monitoring tool that could predict if the digester was susceptible to imminent failures or crashes.

WEFTEC Conference – Experience with Anaerobic Codigestion

Lessons learned from three years of working with full-scale anaerobic codigestion facilities were compiled and shared by Azura’s Dodge Yu and David Ellis at this year’s virtual WEFTEC 2020 conference. Dodge gave the presentation which summarized the observations, data gathered, and lessons learned during Azura’s years of working with farm-based anaerobic digesters in Ontario, Canada. The presentation covers feedstock handling, digester monitoring parameters, as well as digestate end product management.

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